Design Sprint: Online Registration and Payment


Life Time has a manual registration process with complex business logic, forcing members and team member to struggle while reserving services. During the discovery phase of this project we identified 11 different registration processes, spanning from paper/manual processes or in-center sign up to multiple digital solutions. We focused on creating "North Star" design templates that all divisions could agree on and slowly develop while decommissioning legacy systems.


I was brought into the middle of this project, post system selection, when requirements and analysis was underway. After I was on the project for a couple of weeks I realized product teams were not aligned to bring a holistic solution to the organization, therefore, we devoted time to evaluate the process and roadmap going forward. I was able to get technology leads and business owners to agree to a short pause in the project to realign by conducting a design sprint. I lead the design sprint as well as project planning phases (6 months), then transitioned the work to an experience designer with more bandwidth to continue the 2+ year roadmap.


The team looked at the whole process, including engagement, signup process, legal compliance & fulfillment to help improve member and team member satisfaction.

  • Answer critical business questions through rapid design techniques

  • Help team(s) reach clearly defined goals and deliverables quickly

  • Spark innovation, encourage user-centered thinking

  • Align our team under a shared vision, to get a product launched faster


Lightning Talks, “How Might We”, Review Business Requirements, High-level User Journeys, Service Identification, Sketching - User Flows/Journeys, Creating Microwire flows, All team check-in/reviews


We reviewed all registration needs with the business sponsor and technology team. We simplified all registration into a handful of registration templates. Depending on registration type, we streamlined and simplified the user journeys, integrating registration into the foundation of the interface.

HIGH LEVEL PROCESS | Free, One Time Services

HIGH LEVEL PROCESS | Paid, Recurring Services

"North Star" Wireframe Designs