Kids Redesign


The Kids Division recently went through a rebranding to attract new business to the Kids Academy. During this project, we updated training materials for in-club services, branding, pricing structure, created new registration packets, and added universal Life Time party themes. The team hoped for a 20% lift in revenue, unfortunately they were unable to see this effort change revenue.


During this project, I lead a team of 2 digital designers and a copywriter. To increase confidence and understanding with stakeholders who were not digitally savvy, I partnered with the Art Director to increase communication and understanding of our iterative design approach. During this partnership, I was able to increase confidence in the final product, making our stakeholders continue to ask for ongoing assistance to grow their business.


  • Competitive analysis: Digital and print

  • Interviews: Team Member and Member

  • Survey: Members Post Transaction

  • Survey: Members

  • Phone Tree Experience

Phone Tree Experience (example 2 of 8 created)

Working Session Deliverables

Home Design (Before - left vs After - right)