Pool Access


The Life Time Member Services and Retention team launched a pool access membership add-on to combat negative NPS feedback and lower the amount of summer joiners crowding the pool during an already high traffic season. The team came to me wanting to deepen their understanding of Life Time Members and their experience during the first summer with this membership change. This project helped to determine opportunity areas as well as for potential expansions beyond the 19 club pilot.


For this project, I worked independently to design a check-in system to regulate access to the pool deck. I also created a research plan to validate business assumptions, confirm app usability/check-in process, and help improve member NPS with iterative improvements to the policy and communication plan.


Research Methodology

Phase 1 – Chanhassen, MN

  • Sales Process, walk through

  • Check-in Process, walk through

Phase 2 – Vestavia Hills, AL

  • Observations

  • 30-minute, semi-structured, 1-1 interviews (members and team members)

Phase 3 – All Clubs included in Pilot

  • 30-minute, semi-structured, 1-1 interviews (members and team members)

Phase 4 – Charlotte, NC

  • Observations

  • 30-minute, semi-structured, 1-1 interviews (members and team members)

  • Survey



Crowding – Pool*

Members felt the last few summers have created crowded and unpleasant experiences at the outdoor pool and the check-in process and guest policy changes were seen as Life Time’s way to regulate capacity.

"There is a good amount of people here, it’s not like we need to deter people to come but we don't really need more"

Melissa, Family Membership

*There were many issues mentioned around limited parking, class crowding and overall club capacity issues. Member expectations are not being met and should be addressed in another work effort.

Communication – Internal and External

Members who received and read communication around the grandfathered pool pass were satisfied or neutral with the changes.

Members who do not read our email or heard about the change through the guest fee communication were upset and felt there needed to be a higher level/frequency of communications.

"I love most things about LT but your changing the rules and policies on a whim are the biggest problem I see with the corporation and you need to rethink some things or someone is going to come along and do what you do well and do the things you really screw up with constantly and figure out a way to outfox you and take your members away!”

Michelle, Single Membership

"Us older people like to see it on paper, I don't always read my emails or text… those are nice, but I like seeing it on paper"

Sandi, Couple Membership

Team Members, depending on department, were given a few weeks’ notice of the changes around pool and guest pass policies. It was not consistent across all departments. Some learned of changes through Members or Website notification banner.

"We heard directly from Dom, 2-3 weeks before we started selling. We did not know how it was all going to work but knew it was coming”

Sales, Team Member

Guest Pass Fees – Internal and External

Not all members accepted the fee change. It was perceived as excessive and did not reflect current Life Time values. They understood the thought behind the changes, but it was viewed as removing a member benefit, especially for families or out of town guests.

"Give me something, don't take away… The price is steep, I understand the logic behind the fees but Life Time is all about family, this change is not family centric. It’s really a no win for you”

Ngar, Family Membership

"We feel this policy is extreme… To bring the occasional guest and/or family here from out of town should be a benefit of membership, not a penalty! This fee is excessive and if we wanted to pay $20 dollars a head to swim there should be a lot more perks available. At this price we can take our out of town family to an actual water park."

Beau, Family Membership

Team Members did not feel the guest pass fees aligned with Life Time’s mission and recent push to update benefits. They felt they should be exempt from the extra charges.

"What is the team member benefit?”

Spa, Team Member


During warmer days, the ipads (and red scanner) started to overheat. The solution was to either bring them inside or store under the table when not being used. Having another ipad or a lighter case would help this issue, details should be addressed as soon as possible.

Wi-Fi out on the pool deck was intermittent, team members had to stand very close to the pool entrance in order to keep connected to the Mobile Wi-Fi.

Due to Wi-Fi connections and overheating, battery life was diminished by mid-afternoon. Having a rotation of ipads to bring inside to cool down can also be placed on the docking station. External chargers will add to the overheating and would not be a viable option on hot summer days.

Note: Currently conducting phase 3 of the research plan.