Prospect Website Optimization


In 2017, pricing became visible to consumers with the advent of the Online Membership Sales launch, yet over the last year Life Time's website content did not evolve with this change. The website continues to focus on join offer promotions without much storytelling surrounding the value proposition of a Life Time membership for the prospective member.


This project was in partnership with Zeus Jones, an external agency, and used as a way to increase trust cross sales divisions (Web Sales, In-Center Sales, and Digital Marketing Team). While most of the design work was completed by the agency, my role was to share past research insights, increase collaboration between internal and external teams, and continue to keep scope items and the member POV top of mind.


PROJECT | Phase One

The first portion of the prospect site project moved swiftly (2 months) — with the overall goal of identifying “quick wins” that could be implemented within the current design system and as non-code changes prior to the peak session in January. Decisions relied on existing insights/research and team hypotheses.


  • Compiled all 2018 research projects into onboarding document/presentation.

  • Lead design direction by identifying quick wins, keeping scope and timeline on track.

  • Coordinated workstreams between Zeus Jones and Life Time, taking on work to help document authoring changes/updates to improve Creative Agency intake.

  • Iterated on provided designs for Membership and Offers pages, in order to expedite design process.


Reduced competing CTAs, Consolidated site navigation, Added some location specific content and imagery, Updated individual value propositions for in-center business

Navigation (Before and After)

Navigation before updates

Updated Navigation

Home Page (Before - left vs After - right)


  • We saw an increase in OMS joins by 14% (Q1) and a 3% increase in web leads YOY.

  • We continue to see a higher volume of traffic entering through our club detail pages (+18% inc. YOY) rather than the homepage (-11% decr. YOY)


PROJECT | Phase Two

The second half of the project allowed us time to dig deeper into some of the broader strategic opportunities for the prospect experience. We had the ability to test both insights/opportunities and prototypes with consumers before handing off documentation.


  • Shared additional internal research documents (14 total) to increase agency understanding and create a collaborative partnership.

  • Identified key areas of improvement across omni-channel sales experience to kick off other sales transformation strategies internally.

  • Lead communication and innovation efforts between Zeus Jones and Life Time, bringing in member and business perspective to the forefront of the experiences.


Club details pages, Profile builder, and Trial experience (digital and service)


Stakeholder interviews, "Think Tank" 1/2 session, Usability testing

Think Tank

We found 14 themes that our Think Tank participants shared — ranging from negative to positive experiences.

Prototype - Usability Testing

"Quiz"/Profile Builder

Plan First Visit/Free Guest Pass

Note: This project has been formally handed over to the internal Life Time Technology team for estimation and scope options. Next steps for this project consist of me reviewing estimations, outlining high level projects with scope, and pitching internal business owners to prioritize with for upcoming 2020 budgets/planning.